Veilig langskomen blijft zeker mogelijk!

Did you know there's a wealth of academic research on Experience Management?

Neither did we. Something had to be done. We rolled up our sleeves and started reading it. Truth be told, it was quite a challenge. So we did our best to make these insights accessible to you and create a digital library.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the most recent academic insights on Experience Management, only one click away?

Our digital library is just what you're looking for

We searched and read tons of academic journals, and selected the most relevant and interesting articles for you. Are you worried about receiving an academic paper that is really long, including lots of statistics which are difficult to understand? We have taken care of it. We summarized the academic articles, brought them back to their essence, and made them accessible.

A digital library, you say?

Yup, a digital library. This library doesn't contain the academic article itself. Instead, we provide article summaries and slide decks for which you don't need a PhD in Experience Management to understand them. The articles bring insights into very strategic issues like a shift from 'customer service' to 'service recovery' or the performance implications of putting a customer in the board of directors, to more operational issues like the effectiveness of saying ‘Thank you’ rather than ‘I'm sorry’ in redressing customer problems. You can find insights into a lot of experience management topics, and we’re committed to continuously developing new articles.

Make better decisions than ever before

We do not merely hand you the results of scientific research and leave you to it. No, we go the extra mile. The articles contain context, study information, background, and results. And on top of it all, we highlight what your business can learn from the study. These are the insights you need to make well-informed decisions to improve your business, generated by some of the smartest customer experience cookies on the planet.

Haven't found what you're looking for?

We're all ears. Do not hesitate to suggest specific topics that you would like to see in our digital library. Or do you want to take it up a notch and craft a report just for you? Just let us know. We'd be happy to take care of it.