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Executive Masterclass Customer Experience Management (Vilvoorde)

Everybody is talking about customer experience management these days, but is it really worthwile investing in it? Does customer experience management really improve the bottom line? How can we make the entire organization more customer centric? And how to align technology with customers and employees? This executive masterclass will tell you all about it!

What will you learn?

Managing the customer experience is generally considered as one of the most complex strategic challenges managers face. After following the  executive masterclass on Customer Experience Management, you will be well-equipped to face the customer experience challenge. You will learn how to: 

  • Motivate why customer experience management is a valuable strategic direction for your organization
  • Embed customer experience within your organizational and branding strategy
  • Analyze your own organization, brands, and customers
  • Make strategic choices when designing the stimuli that ultimately affect the customer experience
  • Understand the role of people and processes for customer experience success
  • Identify the key performance indicators of customer experience management and demonstrate the financial return on experience
  • Make strategic choices about how to address unsatisfactory customer experiences
  • Create an organizational structure and culture for better customer experiences

This Masterclass is organized at an executive level, which means that we will demonstrate why it is really worthwhile to invest in the customer experience. Your customers are having an experience anyway, so you might as well manage it. After following this masterclass, you will be able to lead your organization for better customer experiences.

For whom is this executive masterclass?

This masterclass is developed for executives that are directly or indirectly responsible for the customer experience within their own organization. You are a CEO, COO, CMO or CXO, marketing director, business unit manager, operations director, marketing manager, customer experience manager, or anything alike. The key focus is on leaders and decision-makers who are looking for strategic and tactical guidelines to better understand and implement customer experience management within their organization.

Practical arrangements

When? March 8th 2024, from 9AM until 5PM

Where? Luchthavenlaan 27, 1800 Vilvoorde. 

How? Interactive sessions. Slides will be in English, session itself will be in Dutch. In case non-Dutch speaking participants are present, sessions will be given in English.

What? Participants will receive course material and several tools to understand, design and manage the customer experience (e.g. Customer Experience Canvas, Customer Experience Statement,…). Participants will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of the two-day masterclass.

Who? The masterclass will be taught by prof. dr. Yves Van Vaerenbergh, founding partner of The Kalepa Group and professor at KULeuven University.

Price? For this masterclass we use a Pay-What-You-Want pricing. One of our founding partners Annelies Costers did her doctoral dissertation on this pricing strategy, and we Kalepians always practice what we preach. We believe in the added value of this masterclass for you and are confident that you will want to pay its worth, therefore we give you the opportunity to decide how much to pay. KMO portefeuille is possible.

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