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Masterclass Smarter Customer Service for Better Customer Experience (Vilvoorde)

What is the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience?  How do they relate to each other?  What impact has Customer Service on the overall Customer Experience?

Are you looking for hands-on advice to improve customer centricity through your customer service operations? Do you want to know how designing your service recovery journeys will improve your performance and also the overall Customer Experience

This masterclass will give you answers, insights and inspiration based on academic research related to customer service and customer experience, combined with lots of practical examples coming from years of operational experience.  

What will you learn?

Within this masterclass you will: 

  • See how customer service operations can be tailored to maximize customer experience.
  • Be handed the right tools to analyze and design your service recovery journeys.
  • Understand the role of technology within the field of service management and experience management.
  • Learn which performance indicators create insight into your recovery processes and help you define where optimization of processes can be beneficial
  • Get some down-to-earth ways of how customer care processes and human behaviour can have a great impact on customer experience.

For whom is this Masterclass?

This masterclass is developed for professionals that are directly or indirectly responsible for customer service or customer experience within their own organization.

You are a customer service manager, customer experience manager, customer success manager, operations manager or anything alike who wants to better understand and implement customer experience management within his or her organization.

You are looking for a hands-on fact-based approach and are eager to learn how to set up a recovery designs, service blueprints and understand which performance indicators will show the impact on customer experience.

Practical arrangements

When? May 5, 2025 from 9AM to 5PM. 

Where? Office center Vilvoorde, Luchthavenlaan 27, 1800 Vilvoorde.

How? Interactive sessions. Slides will be in English, session itself will be in Dutch. In case non-Dutch speaking participants are present, sessions will be given in English.

What? Participants will receive course material. Participants will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop. Lunch and drinks will be provided.

Who? The workshop will be taught by Dirk Frans, Isabelle Papadopoulos and Christel Pletinckx, founding partners of The Kalepa Group.

Price? The fee for participating in the masterclass is €850,- (Excl. VAT). Early bird registration is 15% korting. Early bird registration 4 weeks before workshop date. KMO portefeuille possible.






Join the Masterclass Smarter Customer Service for Better Customer Experience


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