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Learn all about Customer Experience Management at your own pace

Do you want to improve the customer experience of your company and ultimately improve the bottom line? Are you appointed as a customer experience manager and want to further improve your knowledge and toolbox? Do you want to know how you can make the entire organization more customer centric? And how to align technology with customers and employees? Our online executive masterclass will tell you all about it.
Managing the customer experience is generally considered as one of the most complex strategic challenges managers face. After following the online executive masterclass on Customer Experience Management, Customer Experience Management will no longer hold secrets for you. You will learn how to: 
  • Embed customer experience within your organizational and branding strategy
  • Better understand customers
  • Design the stimuli that ultimately affect the customer experience
  • Manage people and processes for customer experience success
  • Measure the customer experience and demonstrate the financial return on experience
  • Recover failed experiences
  • Create an organizational structure and culture for better customer experiences
  • How to sell Experience Management to the board


We will go beyond the hype and demonstrate why it is really worthwhile to invest in the customer experience. Your customers are having an experience anyway, so you might as well manage it! We will go beyond traditional buzzwords like Net Promoter Score® or consumer personas and show you why doing these things might be a bad idea.



For whom is this online executive masterclass?

This masterclass is developed for professionals that are directly or indirectly responsible for the customer experience within their own organization. You are a CEO, CMO or CXO, a marketing director, marketing manager, customer service manager, customer experience manager, customer success manager, operations manager or anything alike who wants to better understand and implement Customer Experience Management within his or her organization. 


Content of the online executive masterclass

We got no less than 12 modules and more than 8 hours of content for you.

  • Module 1: Introduction to customer experience and Customer Experience Management
  • Module 2: Customer experience and organizational strategy
  • Module 3: Customer experience and brand strategy
  • Module 4: Customer insights
  • Module 5: Customer experience design
  • Module 6: Managing people for Customer Experience Management
  • Module 7: Managing processes for Customer Experience Management
  • Module 8: Key performance indicators
  • Module 9: Dealing with experience disruptions
  • Module 10: Organizational adaptation
  • Module 11: Customer experience culture
  • Module 12: Closure


Practical arrangements

Participants will receive course material and several tools to understand, design and manage the customer experience (e.g. Customer Experience Canvas, Customer Experience Statement,…). 

Who? The masterclass will be taught by prof. dr. Yves Van Vaerenbergh, prof. dr. Annelies Costers, Dirk Frans and Christel Pletinckx, all founding partners of The Kalepa Group.

Participants who complete the online executive masterclass receive a certificate of completion.



The fee for participating in the online executive masterclass on Customer Experience Management is €1.400,- (Excl. VAT).

Become a Customer Experience Canvas Certified Practitioner

If you’re really up for a challenge, then apply to become a Customer Experience Canvas Certified Practitioner! Demonstrate to your employer, future employer, colleagues and clients that you have the knowledge and skills to develop and implement a customer experience management program using the Customer Experience Canvas!